Man-machine interactive interface, two working mode. Mode 1( total head working mode) starting pressure you can set at any point, no need to set the stop pressure,to make the pump stop at the max head. Mode 2(exactly control mode) starting pressure and stop pressure can set at anypoint, Make sure to control the pressure in the pipe exactly


1. Rated Voltage:220V

2. Max Rated Current:10A or 30(16)A

3.Max power:1.1KW or 2.2KW

4. Max Allowable Pressure: 10 bar

5.Max liquid temperature:0~80℃

6.Adjust pressure range:0. 5~6bar


Use high precision pressure sensor technology with a combination of electronic control technology, to realize accurate control of pump starting point

1.  Man-machine interactive interface, to adjust the starting pressure from 0.5bar to 6bar for any point, no need set the stop point, make sure the pump max head working.

2. Using the flow sensor technology, pressure sensing technology and electronic control technology, to control the water pump more suitable.

3. Using small flow Water supply motor fault protection technology, effectively solve the pump frequently caused by a small flow water motor heating problem,which can effectively protect the motor, improve system reliability and service life.

4. Pass the new product control technology, to restart the pump that not used for long time regularly, so it solve the problems as following,  one is bearing and shaft parts easily jammed for the corrosion .two is motor burn out

5.In the control panel have over-current protector, effectively solve the motor burned problem caused by the power grid voltage fluctuation or motor jammed , and then the current increase rapidly

6.Integrates the structure design of the buffer tank device, longer using life, better holding pressure regulation, to realize the self-leaking protection, do not often start pump

7.Under Voltage and Over voltage  protection



2. G1"plastic pipe joint for a quick connection to water pump.

3. Power cable length


BOX SIZE(CM) 20.5×17×18.3
CARTON SIZE(CM)   52.5×42.5×38.5
PCS/CTN   12
N.W.(KGS)  17
G.W.(KGS)  19

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